How a Pregnancy Should be Cared for During Quarantine

How a Pregnancy Should be Cared for During Quarantine

Recommendations during a quarantine for a pregnancy largely coincide with suggestions to the rest of the population, but includes certain special care of a different nature.

The main reason occurs in physical changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, as specialists affirm, the vulnerability of women to viral respiratory infections can be increased, so it is advisable to take extreme complications in the following ways.

Daily exercising the body

Despite the current special limitations, it is advisable to make short periodic walks around the house to promote blood circulation during pregnancy.

In addition there is an abundant amount of exercises to stretch the muscles, especially focused on the lumbar area, neck, back, shoulders and legs.

Rest the necessary hours

Replenishing energy can be an even greater challenge for a pregnant woman during quarantine. If we add to the usual discomfort for the little wear and tear we currently experience, it is not surprising that the difficulties in falling asleep become more acute.

Various tips that can be useful when resting

Find a comfortable sleeping position, which is usually on the side, and use items such as cushions or pillows so that you feel better when it comes to relaxing the body.

Minimize spicy food and drinks

Avoid drinking too much liquid or eating a large meal during the hours just before going to bed. Try to go to bed and get up at the same hour every day, will help the pregnancy. Avoid intense exercises before going to bed.

When cramps appear, what should be done?

Press your feet against the wall or stand up, supporting all the weight on the affected leg. As a preventive measure, many pregnant women find it helpful to relax muscle by stretching late in the day.

Practice relaxation techniques

In case that the imminent maternity is the cause of certain fears or anxiety and as a consequence it prevents enjoying the necessary rest. It may be beneficial to consult professionals who specialize in childbirth preparation and baby care.

Sometimes things as simple as having the right information or relating to other mothers-to-be can go a long way in mitigating those feelings of distress. 

Respecting the preventive measures

Respecting the preventive measuresRegarding the behaviors to minimize the possibilities of coming into contact with the Coronavirus, the same indications hold as established for the rest of individuals.

The strict compliance with the COVID-19 preventive measures represent the greatest protection to keep away this pathogen that is characterized by its high propagation capacity.

In case of contagion and due to the described propensity to suffer pulmonary complications, it is essential to notify the corresponding health services and start the timely treatment as quickly as possible.

The ideal diet during pregnancy

During quarantine it is important to keep a balance between all the necessary nutrients. Among the basic indications, it is advisable to ingest at least five daily servings of vegetables and fruits, as well as regularly consuming cereals, whole pasta, legumes, nuts and proteins in the form of lean meats, eggs and fish.

Steaming or grilling are healthier than other cooking processes, in the same way that olive oil is preferred to other fats.

Remember that when taking care of your pregnancy in times of quarantine you are taking care of two people at the same time.

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