Get to Know Which Are the 7 Chakras of Our Body

Assuming that we are made of energy, the Chakras within us are the energy centers of the body, through which the life force flows. In this article, we will show you each one of them.

The first thing you should know is that there are 7 Chakras that influence certain areas of ​​the body and our life; however, so that we can feel well and stable with the environment, the fundamental fact is that everyone should strive for a perfect balance.

When we have all the Chakras alienated we will feel a general sense of well-being: in tune with the universe and by staying in that state the Chakras open to receive the universal energy of love.

7 Chakras of Our Body
7 Chakras of Our Body


The root Chakra is the first one starting from the bottom.

It is linked with the material, with the places where we feel safe, it is the ground wire. It is located at the base of the column or spine and its associated color is red.

When blocked, it can generate feelings of being uprooted, guilty, and afraid to face the problems and situations of daily life.


The second Chakra is linked to sexuality, lived freely and fully, freed from all guilt. It is located below the navel and lower abdomen.

When it is blocked, fear of enjoyment and contempt for sex appear, as well as all kinds of sexual repressions. The blockages in this Chakra restrict or limit the free expression of our personality


The solar plexus Chakra is the one in the center of the body, between the intestines and the heart. The third Chakra, according to Ayurveda, is responsible for the mental body. It is located above the navel, stomach area. If it is blocked, you will feel that you begin to suffer from diseases of the digestive system, ulcers, heartburn, stomach pain.

In addition, it is common that you feel chronic fatigue, and the need to use stimulants to get ahead.


The fourth Chakra is associated with the heart, and feelings of love towards others, and openness towards life. It is located in the center of the chest. When it is blocked, heart or coronary diseases can appear; or, from the sentimental level, an inability to relate healthily with others, to open up to the outside.


This fifth Chakra has to do with one’s role within society. Your energy is associated with setting goals and meeting goals.

It is located in the throat area and its associated color is blue.

If it becomes blocked, throat conditions and voice problems appear; as well as difficulties in communicating with others and fear of speaking and getting into trouble.


The sixth Chakra is in the forehead and connects us with the world of thought, concentrates the energy that allows us to visualize and understand mental concepts, and generate ideas. It is located in the area between the eyebrows, and its color is indigo.

It is intimately linked to the pineal gland, which if activated allows us to connect with things that go beyond our physical existence. If the Chakra closes, you may experience mental confusion and even hallucinations.

You may also have vision problems and headaches related to them.


The seventh and last Chakra is located at the upper back of the head (the crown), and connects us with the spiritual and knowledge plane. Its color is violet.

When blocked, an expansion of the ego appears, and a need to dominate everything. There will be arrogant attitudes and difficulties to think autonomously.

Blocking this Chakra also leads to rigidity in belief systems and narrowness of mind and difficulty believing.

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