Have You Been to Drake Bay Getaway?: A Magical Place in Costa Rica

    All that you wish for on a vacation a much more!

    On the Pacific coast of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, the wonderful “Drake Bay Getaway Resort” is located, which is surrounded by crystalline beaches, coral reefs, and tropical rainforest, giving it spectacular views and landscapes.

    This hotel of “ecological luxury” as its owners Yens Steller and Patrick Ludwig have categorized it, offers guests a close encounter with nature and spiritual peace, also, adventure and wellness tours.

    To learn more about this unique resort, one of its owners, Yens Steller comments: “All our buildings are built with 80 percent wood, with high white ceilings for ventilation.” And these materials were recycled, including teak wood; Steller also comments “if we ever decided that we have finished with the hotel business and want to close it, we would really just have to disarm the basic construction and the jungle would take care of the land, it would be as if we were never here”. This is thanks to the fact that the land was cleared 40 years ago for a farm before they arrived, so they never implemented machinery which allows the landscape to remain completely intact.

    “The people who come here are looking for an experience, not just an ordinary and standard hotel. It’s not just about the tours. It’s not just about sight. It’s not just about the food. We, the hotel owners, my spouse and I, are always here, ready to offer the best service,” Steller states.

    Prioritizing native cuisine.

    According to their owners, 95 percent of the food ingredients they use in the menu they offer to their guests are grown in Costa Rica. For example, “Seafood comes from the bay in front of us and beef is grass-fed meat. And we also use tropical fruits. We do not bring strawberries, apples and things from abroad. It is fresh and local,” says Steller.

    At the Drake Bay Cafe, guests can enjoy customizing the menu of local origin to their dietary needs, all to provide the best experience. One of the most demanded dishes according to the owners is the “mahi mahi with curry”. We make the curry with coconut milk, we have many coconuts here on the beach,” says Steller. Other dishes that stand out in the menu, is the chocolate cake with lava and the steak covered with chocolate. These are made with locally grown cocoa. Steller comments “we have many vegetarian guests who come here. It is paradise (for them) because we have many meals that are made with fresh vegetables.”

    Guests of this hotel are amazed by both the personalized attention and their comfortable rooms. It should be noted that its owners decided to honor the splendor of nature by making it fully visible from each cabin and that is why they turned the entire fronts of the rooms into large glass panels that open to a large balcony giving an unparalleled visual experience.

    Outstanding awards.

    Drake Bay Getaway Resort is a member of the prestigious travel guides: Forbes, Count Nast Johansens and HIP Hotels, and has one the following awards: “Luxury Beach Resort of the Year”- Luxury travel guide in London, “Luxury Eco Lodge of the Year”- Luxury travel guide in London, “Platinum level GreenLeader Best beach boutique hotel in the world”, “2017 Boutique Hotel Awards Best hotel for romance in Costa Rica” – TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2017. “For us, these awards mean that it is possible to create a luxurious and sustainable hotel that combines both in a completely new way. It’s something that not many have tried before, and for us, it has worked very well. ” This was expressed with joy by their owners.

    Drake Bay Getaway Resort undoubtedly offers you the best of Costa Rica in one place, giving you a paradise vacation, whether with all the family, or a romantic getaway as a couple, or why not, on a solo trip to rest your body and mind. Do not think twice and visit this wonderful resort where you will live an unforgettable experience.

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