Habitat for Humanity Wants To Build Homes in Costa Rica

National Campaign: "Home is where dreams are born"

Habitat for Humanity, Costa Rica, and local entrepreneurs are joining together in a fundraising campaign to build adequate housing for a group of low-income families in Costa Rica.  The national campaign slogan is “home is where dreams are born”.

Home sweet home for those in need

The fundraising goal is $300,000, which will be fully utilized in the construction and purchase of land for housing included in the project.  At present, three possible locations for development are being considered.  One in San Roque, another in Corralillo, Guanacaste, and the other in Santa Rosa de Pocosol, San Carlos.

Once the sites have been selected for construction, the next phase will be the selection of the eight families who will benefit from permanent, adequate, and secure housing.  The selection criteria is aimed at supporting those families whose monthly income does not exceed c200,000, and their social status does not grant them access to the housing bonus offered by the government.  Each candidate family will be part of a socio-economic study to determine if they qualify under these conditions.

learning some great new skills while helping others

This campaign is being supported by a wide range of companies, such as CEMEX, Social Action Program of Clinica Biblica, COOPEANDE, EPA, Southern Group, INPREFA Procter & Gamble, Malaga Residences, Rock Constructions, and Telecable.  The campaign has been advertised in print media, as well as television and social networking.  It hopes to reach those individuals and organizations who would like to be involved in the initiative, spread this message, and make their own contribution.  It has created the website: http://www.habitatcostarica.org.

Habitat For Humanity, Costa Rica

Habitat for Humanity is a non-governmental and non-profit world-wide organization that provides those with limited resources, and high social vulnerability the opportunity to access adequate, and permanent homeownership.   Habitat for Humanity’s vision is based on the belief that safe and affordable housing provides a pathway out of poverty.

When you all pitch in, it all gets done.

Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity, world-wide, has helped more than 5 million people build, rehabilitate, and repair their homes, and increased access to better housing through products and services.  The Habitat for Humanity, Costa Rica, office was founded in 1996.  The organization is committed to the realization of housing solutions across the country under the premise that adequate and permanent housing can be designed with care.  It can be built with quality materials, on safe ground, and honors the  with values of respect, support, communication, faith, honesty, cooperation, and harmony.

For more information you can contact Gabriela Ramirez, Habitat for Humanity, at [email protected].  Or Contact Us to learn how you can help.

VIAJannette MacKinnon
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