Guide to affordable trails in Costa Rica

We came up with a list of affordable trails in Costa Rica, because everyone needs the opportunity to disconnect from their routine and spend time relaxing with friends or family, and that luxury shouldn’t always be expensive. Here’s a list of different trail ideas you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Free Trails

Mirador de Orosi

If you’re looking for an affordable (no cost) ideal trail to relax and enjoy, this is an excellent option. It has green zones and picnic areas with a great view of the beautiful Orosi Valley. Some services and activities available are children-play areas, picnic areas, free parking, transportation services, and drinkable water. It’s located in Orosi in the province of Cartago, 3 kilometers south of La Iglesia de Paraíso.

La Ventolera

Climb Alto del Tapezco in Escazú by paths until reaching a site called La Ventolera, which is a natural lookout over the central valley and is a great place to take photos, have a picnic, do some mountain hiking, or fly kites. You can go to Bebedero de Escazú to start the hike.

Las Ruinas de Ujarrás

This site is perfect for a day of free relaxation out in the countryside.  You can visit the ruins of one of the oldest churches in Costa Rica, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepción, which was built in the 1580s during early colonial times. There are picnic tables, access to drinkable water, green zones, and bathrooms. It’s located 5 kilometers east of the highway to Cachí. You can also use the bus service from Cartago route Orosi or Cachí.

Cheap Trails

Laguito Phillips (3000 colones adults, 1000 colones kids)

This little lake is great for kids as it has a recreation center, pools with natural water from a spring nearby and lots of fun paths. Feel free to stay a night or two – the area also has a camping zone and a bar. It’s just 30 minutes from San José and is located around 5 kilometers from Turrúcares highway to Cebadilla de Alajuela.

Los Patios (3000 colones)

This is a swimming area with pools of hot and cold thermal waters. It’s a very nice and quaint compound that includes the pools, a restaurant, fields, soccer fields, and tobagons. It is located from la Plaza de Orosí en Cartago and 1.5 kilometers from the highway to Palomo.

 Charrara Pura Vida (4000 colones adults, 2500 colones kids)

This great and afforadable place includes pools, green areas, a restaurant, a bar, and parking space for up to 400 cars. You can rent bikes and horses or go around the lake for a boat ride. There are football fields, basketball courts, sand boxes, and grills. It’s in Charrara, Ujarrás de Cartago.

Mariposario Butterfly Kingdom

Come see some butterflies here in this Costa Rican organization dedicated to the exhibition of butterflies and the commercialization of butterfly pupas. It is located in Bello Horizonte de Escazú, from the Bridge of the Abonos 300 meters west (toward Escazú) and 1 kilometer to the south (toward the cross of Alajuelita).


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