Government Intends to Establish a “Coordinated Route Towards a Green Urban Economy”

In an alliance with local governments, the national administration will seek to promote a bill that aims to achieve an economic reactivation in the Greater Metropolitan Area, through a fiscal and policy reform that allows sustainable integral urban planning.

The Greater Metropolitan Area concentrates not only 78% of the country’s workforce, but also stands out for being the epicenter of economic, social and environmental problems, for example, only in the last four years vehicular traffic congestion grew by 50%.

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With this project it is planned that by 2026, a total of more than ten million dollars of international sources and ninety million dollars of the national capital will be invested, to benefit at least 2,134,932 people in twenty cantons, restoring 2400 hectares with forest cover and 17400 hectares with improved areas of biological corridors, reducing 1,300 metric tons of carbon emissions.

This will be achieved by strengthening institutions, processes, and capacities to carry out evidence-based reforms for a green economy and sustainable integral urban planning, with water sanitation, biological corridors, and urban planning.

Also carrying out 6 legislative reforms to enforce reduced emissions and counter loss of biodiversity within interurban spaces. Also, local governments shift towar ds a sustainable low carbon, resilient integrated processes for land conservation and restoration.

Lastly, reduce the financial gap for implementing the national decarbonization plan regarding the creative restoration of the urban landscape and enhancing electric mobility, as well as multiple new green jobs that prioritize gender equality. So let’s see a great future

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