AyA service in metropolitan area with the worst score in study quality ARESEP

Major problems are in breakdowns and liquid waste

If it were an exam, Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) have failed.

The quality of service provided by the institution is poor: breakdowns, waste water and low coverage of the sewerage system are the reasons for the poor rating. The regions where the problem is most evident are the Metropolitan and the Central West, which include Central Valley communities of San José and Alajuela.

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Information is concluded from a study on the quality of water supply service by the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (ARESEP) and released Tuesday.

Spokeswoman institution Carolina Mora said the study determines a Global Management Index (IGG) from a number of variables such as microbiological analyzes conducted to water or the amount of service interruptions, for example.

We evaluated both the six regions of AyA as the Public Service Company of Heredia (ESPH) based on data collected in 2015.

The West Central region IGG reached 23 percent, and the Metropolitan of 32 percent, worse still qualified. While the best note, 70 percent got it ESPH.

Carolina Mora explained that despite poor grades in water quality, the AyA and ESPH have high percentages in the microbiological quality of water: between 96 and 100 percent.

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SOURCEHayley Thompson
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