The “Circular Economy” Gives a Clear Path Foward Towards Solving the Plastic Pollution Pandemic

If humanity does not open its eyes and takes concrete actions we will see ocean plastic pollution (that already is at a critical rate) quadruple by 2040. If we fail to act, then the consequences will be dire for the planet:

• The volume of plastic production and its subsequent marketing will double.
• The volumes of plastic waste being dumped annualy into the oceans will almost triple, from 10m tonnes in 2015 to 30m tonnes in 2040.
• Pollution of the oceans with plastics will quadruple, reaching way over 600m tonnes.
• If this negative trend continues, by the above deadline, there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans!
Many experts coincide in that the solution to the pending environmental catastrophe is the: “Circular Economy”, and this is because: “the problem starts long before plastic reaches our oceans and so must the solutions to it”.
So far, many measures to mitigate plastic pollution have focused solely on improving waste management, and also on bans for plastic reduction. But none of these procedures have solved the problems because they are taken on narrowly without taking into consideration the bigger picture. It is not possible to recycle or simply reduce our way out of plastic pollution.
Rather, we must take an integral wide scope circular economy approach. Prioritizing and rethinking what types of products are being put on the market, and then optimizing the ability to those materials in the commercial loop after its first use. This dynamic, that creates a global system change towards a circular economy, offers the best economic, environmental, and climate solutions.

“Circular Economy” traces every stage of a product’s journey, before and after it reaches the customer. The approach is not only vital to stop plastic pollution, but also gives the strongest economic, social, and climate benefits, in the medium and long terms.
Compared with what we presently have, a circular economy clearly has the potential to reduce annual volumes of plastics entering our oceans by at least 80%, generate savings of more than USD 200 bn per year, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and create 800,000 net additional jobs worldwide by 2040. The solution lies in taking urgent, ambitious, and coordinated action across the entire plastic system with a clear emphasis on stemming the flow at its source.
As countries look for ways to recover from the vast economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the circular economy presents great opportunities to build a more resilient and regenerative economic system than the one currently have; facing global challenges, such as plastic pollution and climate change, while helping us restore the environment, create jobs, and benefit society as a whole.
Governments and businesses have been recognizing that citizens are demanding a sustained commitment to building a circular economy for plastic in the years to come.

This momentum can now be harnessed effectively to transform in a positive way the plastic system. Humanity must eliminate, circulate, and innovate with regards to Plastics, and we at TCRN call on YOU to make this happen! Join us and let’s all together save our Planet, our Home.

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VIABeleida Delgado
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