Goodness Dental Ranked Best Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

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    Global Clinic Rating tracks and monitors dental clinics and medical centers around the world, regulating international quality and safety standards.

    Since 2019, Goodness Dental has been rated the best dental clinic in Costa Rica. On September 1, 2021, Global Clinic Rating announced their 2021 rankings. Goodness Dental remains rated as the best dental clinic in Costa Rica.

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    Costa Rica: Leading Dental Tourism Destination

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    Costa Rica is consistently ranked as one of the top global dental tourism destinations. The quality of dental care found in Costa Rica, paired with the nation’s reputation as a tropical paradise has launched Costa Rica as a premier dental tourism locale.

    Low Prices for Dental Care in Costa Rica

    One of the key factors for a successful dental tourism destination is pricing.  In Costa Rica, dental pricing for most procedures, including dental implants, dental crowns, veneers and even full mouth restorations and All on 4 dental implant procedures is fifty to seventy percent less than prices for the same dental treatments in the USA. A typical price for a dental implant in the United States is more than $3000. This same dental implant in Costa Rica will cost less than $1000. At Goodness Dental, this dental implant also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. “Lots of clinics offer guarantees,” says Patrick Goodness, CEO of Goodness Dental. “Only a few clinics stand behind their guarantees. This is one factor that makes Goodness Dental stand out as the best dental clinic in Costa Rica.”

    Below is a range of general dental prices in Costa Rica:

    • Dental Implant: $850-$1000 USD
    • Dental Crown over Natural Tooth: $450-$600
    • Dental Crown over Implant: $800-$900
    • Porcelain Veneer: $400-$600

    Patients should be suspicious of pricing that falls below these prices, as they may indicate the use of poor quality materials or untrained dental providers.

    Are Dental Implants Cheaper in Costa Rica?

    Lifetime Guarantee on Dental Implants in Costa Rica

    If you’ve been to a dental clinic in the USA and asked for a guarantee on your dental implants, they probably laughed at the idea. Most dental clinics in the USA offer few guarantees and certainly no lifetime guarantees. In Costa Rica, the leading clinics offer a lifetime guarantee on dental implants and have a strong track record for replacing failed implants. While dental implant failure is rare; if you have a failed implant, a lifetime guarantee is a powerful assurance that your chosen clinic will stand behind their work. Goodness Dental offers a lifetime guarantee on all dental implants and a one-year guarantee on all restorations. Goodness Dental is rated as five-star dental implant clinic, located in Escazu, an upscale suburb of San Jose, about 30 minutes from the international airport.

    Top Quality Materials

    Most patients seeking affordable dental care in Costa Rica assume that all clinics use the same materials. This is simply not true. The best clinics generally use higher quality materials, while clinics offering the lowest prices often cut corners by substituting with low-priced, low-quality materials. It feels good to get a bargain. Choosing a clinic that uses low-quality materials is not a bargain. It’s an unnecessary risk that could lead to dangerous health complications or failure. Goodness Dental consistently meets the highest standards for using FDA approved materials. Goodness Dental is also recommended by the Costa Rica Dental Association.

    We advise patients to contact to learn more about the best dental clinics in Costa Rica. If you’d like a recommendation for a dental clinic that meets your specific needs, you may send an email to [email protected] for a free referral.

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