Gilberto Santa Rosa performance at the FIA

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    Photo Courtesy of La Nacion

    The International Arts Festival (FIA) last night closed its activities with the salsa orchestra of Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa and the 60 musicians of the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

    The place was packed and Gilberto Santa Rosa pulled out his best stuff.

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    When the clock struck 6:45 pm, the Puerto Ricans came to the stage of the lake and set up for the massive concert at the International Festival of Arts (FIA).

    While the musicians in the Costa Rican youth group occupied most of the stage, a footbridge in front of the stage served to put the salsa movement in each of their interpretations.

    Although a few minutes before the start of the presentation by Santa Rosa, the sky seemed to threaten rain in La Sabana, the weather improved and all that fell onto the concert area of the FIA was a wellspring of songs.

    It breaks my heart, I ask you, live without it, were some of the pieces that Santa Rosa played in the first half of the concert. With his natural elegance and chivalry, the singer thanked the members of the orchestra tica, which on this occasion were directed by fellow Puerto Rican music producer, Angel Cucco Peña.

    Two large screens displayed the concert so that no one would miss the details of the salsa performances or the skilled young musicians.

    On several occasions, the singer addressed the crowd and, as if they were his friends, told them stories about some of his songs. One of them was a story about the song Lies. “When I proposed this subject to the label, they bet that it would not be a radio hit. And they was right, because it was successful, but on TV, in two known soap operas,” he said.

    Also at La Sabana was heard Forgive me, Let the river take him and Consciousness. In the latter, some youths of the symphony orchestra made an occasional dance step, albeit timidly. Their faces reflected joy at the moment.

    The concert went until 8:20 pm and as if music were not enough, stunning fireworks caught public attention in La Sabana.

    Undoubtedly, a concert full of sensations. For romance, dance, but also a sound that rarely failed.

    Translation and Editing by TCRN Staff

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