Get To Know the Costa Rican Submarine Volcanic Mountain Range

    Costa Rica has a large number of underwater volcanoes. From there it earned its nickname of having the largest mountain range in Central America

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    Costa Rica has a large extension of mountain ranges that are well known. Among these, the Cordillera de Guanacaste, Talamanca and Costeña stand out. In this order of ideas there is also one that is not very well known which we will talk about today, that of Coco, a mountain range of submarine volcanoes that extends in its length for 1200 km ranging from Ecuador specifically to the Galapagos Island.

    Thus reaching the Pacific coast of the south of our land. As a curious fact, it is appropriate to mention that 815 of these kilometers are in the nation’s own territorial waters. 1, 75 times longer than the National territory.

    The phenomenon of the Submarine Cordillera

    Although by the year 1971, this phenomenon was already being talked about, today most Ticos are unaware of its existence, location and operation. This mountain range presents an average elevation that has approximately 2000 meters of elevation above the ocean level. In contrast to this, it is 1000 meters below the sea surface.

    Its origin in volcanism occurs in the Galapagos Islands. These types of submarine volcanoes resist being consumed under the continent and are generally responsible for earthquakes as they dismember below this zone of interaction of the Coco and Caribbean plates.

    A rich soil

    Cocos Island and the entire mountain range that surrounds it have a value of immeasurable magnitude with respect to the biological and geological part of the environment. This type of aspect must be studied, evaluated and protected correctly so that future generations know about the natural wealth of this land.

    To highlight

    It is important for the country to highlight that Isla del Coco has one of the greatest biodiversities in Central America itself, that is the greatest treasure that it can contribute to the country.

    That is why the possibility of including the Cordillera del Coco in the geography books of this nation has always been contemplated and so that they form part of the teaching of the country’s primary and secondary studies so that future generations of the country know, care for and preserve the riches that are treasured in this part of our world.

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