The Costa Rica government decreed that the price for 2 kilos of rice (quality 80/20) will go down ₡52 per bag starting on June 8 as part of its policy ‘State for Food Security’ to support the production of rice and other products which are an essential part of Costa Rican life.

Currently, a 2 kilo bag of rice costs ¢1,314 and will be reduced to ¢1,262.

Eduardo Rojas, Conarroz spokesman said, “If the price is regulated then it can not be sold in retail outlets, more expensive or cheaper than the established prices.”

The government directive establishes, after its publication in June, a new industrial purchase price reference for domestic producers of paddy rice, which will be ¢22,139.00 per sack of dry, clean rice pellets. Each bag is 73.6 kilograms with allowances for 13% moisture and 1.5% impurities when ground.