Franklin Chang Heads Fundraiser to Make Costa Rica a Developed Country

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    Just a few days and roughly $2,000 remain for the fundraiser to meet it’s goal.

    Headed officially by the Estrategia Siglo XXI, the challenge hopes to be able to fund a variety of stimulating events, projects and studies in the areas of science, technology and innovation (ST&I). Their ultimate goal? To bring Costa Rica into the age of development by 2050.

    The way Estrategia Siglo XXI sees it:

    [quote_center]Thought Generation + Pave the Way for Change + Monitor Science, Technology and Innovation = Human Development in Costa Rica[/quote_center]

    According to their crowdfunding page on GlobalGiving, two of the country’s largest hurdles to overcome on its way to development are the population’s education gap and the low rate of government investment to the cause — less than 5%, relative to Costa Rica’s GDP.

    “Existing ST&I initiatives have largely emerged independently from each other and been overlooked in the gross context of policy making,” says the Association. “We [will] provide a conduit to enable change through tools that have a concrete impact.”

    The organization has already raised $7,550, but $2,450 is still needed in order for them to reach their goal. Click the link to the right to give now through GlobalGiving’s secure online payment system.

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    Sending Kids to Space… School

    Some of the money raised through this fundraiser will help two Costa Rican youth between the ages of 15 and 19 to attend the Foundation for International Space Education (FISE) United Space School next July in Houston, Texas.

    Each year this summer program offers children from 23 different countries an opportunity to learn from prominent engineers, scientists and other leaders in the aerospace industry while designing their own mission to Mars.

    About Estrategia Siglo XXI

    Estrategia Siglo XXI began in 2004 as a collaborative between more than 200 leaders and professionals in the academic community, business world, non-profits and political fields.

    While this particular fundraiser ends at the end of 2015, their work is ongoing. Additional contributions can be made through BCR deposits; more information available on their website.

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