Fun Balloon Games for Children to Enjoy At Home

The quarantine situation we are currently in due to the Coronavirus crisis is causing us to have to find new games for entertaining children at home, for this, balloons will help a lot. Here we bring you a series of balloon games to have loads of fun inside the house.

The Alphabet in the Balloons.

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Mark a different letter in each balloon until you`ve finished all the alphabet and leave them on the ground. The challenge of the game is to choose balloons at random and try to create the longest word.

The hot balloon.

All participants must make a circle. Inflate a balloon and choose a theme such as jungle animals. Whoever has the balloon begins to say a related word and passes the balloon to the next one that has to say another word on the same topic without repeating the previous one. And so on, if in five seconds you have failed to respond, you will be eliminated. The seconds to respond can be modified and even modified depending on the age of each participant.

Prevent the balloon from falling.

The players sit in a circle, sitting or standing depending on the difficulty they want to give the game, and then pass a balloon with any part of the body without actually grasping it with their hands.

The main rules are two, the balloon cannot touch the ground and the hands can not be used.

Up that applause.

Throw the balloon up and then clap as many times before grabbing it again.

Create a rocket.

As the name implies, inflate a balloon and without tying it, holding the beak with your hand so that the air does not escape, release the balloon and it will launch like a rocket.

Blow races.

Create a race circuit on the floor of the room with some construction pieces or tape. Have the children compete for each for one lane of the circuit by moving the balloon only by blowing it. If they leave their lane, they will have to return to the starting point.

The balloon with a message.

Write challenges in each balloon, like sing a song, answer a riddle, or jump on one leg. Inflate the balloons and stick them to the wall. In each turn, the player must choose blindfolded a balloon and solve the challenge that he has selected.

Children who do not like balloons are a fantastic instrument to entertain our children in times of quarantine.

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SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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