Free Platform Gives the Opportunity to Producers and Farmers of the Food Industry in Costa Rica

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    The right to food is a fundamental right of all human beings, now, Meca Costa Rica creates a free virtual platform that facilitates access to it. This initiative was born thanks to the need to have a virtual space that mainly allows small and medium farmers to promote the sale of their crops and provide access to the consumer that wants to obtain high-quality products at affordable prices, creating close ties between the farmer and the consumer.

    The presenter and MBA in marketing with a specialty in neuromarketing, Marilin Gamboa, is the person behind this great project together with her siblings Pía Gamboa and Esteban Gamboa, who wanted to show solidarity in times of Pandemic and create a free platform focused on finding that agriculture in the country take the space and relevance it deserves.

    “We are based on the need of the farmer to publicize his crops and promote the sale of them. focusing on the need of the common citizen who wants to have quality, seasonal products from different areas of the country on their table at an affordable price. We know that the promotion of agricultural foods lacks an exclusive space that covers the sale throughout the country, and most of them do not have a budget to promote their crops with advertising strategies,” Marilín Gamboa, expressed.

    Meca Costa Rica is a “Market Place” style platform that promotes food in a sustainable way, minimizing abuse in prices that do not benefit either the producer or the local consumer. It is a 100% free platform for the seller and the consumer, to use it you do not need to pay a monthly payment, membership, or commission for sales.

    The operation of the platform for the seller, buyer, farmer, or producer will work as follows:
    • Enter the page:

    • If you are a seller or buyer, enter the platform and identify yourself as one of the two. Next, complete a small form with the general data and start browsing.
    • If you are a farmer or producer, enter the platform in the same way and you can directly attach the photographs of your crops or products to be sold in the corresponding section, be it vegetables, fruits, grains, frozen products, meats, among other options. The producer is responsible for including the description of the product, the price and the payment method. Likewise, the area that it belongs to cover for sale and shipments.

    Direct connection
    “The service and dynamics are crossed, the seller can become a buyer and the buyer can also innovate and sell a product that they have in mind to promote.” Esteban Gamboa, Co-founder of Meca Costa Rica affirmed.

    On the platform, the farmer and seller-buyer relationship is direct, the payment method is determined directly by the seller. It can be by card, cash, simple payment, deposit or bank transfer. Once the buyer submits their proof of payment, they receive their purchase.

    “Everyone will manage their business at their convenience, we take care of looking for clients and they provide the best service, this is working as a team. At the same time, the platform has geolocation, that means that depending on the sector where it is located, it will identify you and tell if there are recommended products around so that they arrive quickly or take advantage of the promotion.” Gamboa stressed.

    Wide variety
    On the platform you can find a wide variety of products for all tastes and preferences. Among its different categories are: dairy, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, frozen, keto, vegetables, and many more. Currently, Meca Costa Rica has more than 20 producer and farmer clients.

    “The buyer will have the opportunity to evaluate the seller. But likewise, the producer will be able to evaluate the client. Those who do not comply with the quality of service or are not serious buyers, the platform will cancel them.” Marilin expressed. On the other hand, Meca Costa Rica will manage a food bank in order to avoid waste and motivate people to do some small communal work in exchange for the benefit.

    “This is the part that requires more logistics on our part. According to the seasons, we will take on the task of identifying when there is more product that may be lost and before it is damaged look for where to deliver it to the people who need it, either through newspapers if we are lucky that companies join or by product or harvest.” Pía Gamboa, Co-Founder of Meca Costa Rica commented.

    For the development of its platform, Meca Costa Rica had the services of ARWEB, a leading design company with more than 20 years of experience in the local market, who also have the Essential Costa Rica certificate, a certification granted by PROCOMER.

    “This in order to highlight that we have invested in something of quality, with all the seriousness of the case, since it is super beneficial that clients know that we work in a very professional way.” Gamboa Express.

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