Flipped Classroom Model in Costa Rican Universities

Strategy promotes the interaction

Teacher-centered classes might be substituted with another method known as flipped or inverted classroom very soon.

This is not a new instruction model in the educational world but it’s definitely the most likely replacement for the traditional way of teaching. This time, we are referring to a strategy focused on the dialogue, feedback and critical thinking.

How does flipped classroom work?

  1. The students must review before class.
  2. In class, the students will have a feedback with others by using key words.
  3. The students are evaluated with workshops.

This model has been implemented in other universities around the world: University of Tecmilenio (Mexico), Washington University, Monterrey Technical College, Engineering School of Boston University, Medicine School in the US and the Univsersity of Klagenfurt in Austria.

The results have been so impressive that the Costa Rica Institute of Technology invited Eliud Quintero, international lecturer of Monterrey Technological Institute to give a conference on inverted classroom. Quintero is an expert mathematician whose classes are focused on flipped classroom techniques.

“When I teach, I always ask my students what they would like to do. It’s something I have recommended to other professors working here. There’s a difference between a traditional class and a student-centered one. We have to use our imagination to get across our ideas and knowledge to the students” – Quintero said.

University Deans are contemplating using of this method. They believe that inverted classroom is much more dynamic and enriching.

This video shows what inverted classroom is about.


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