Now dropouts of all ages will be allowed to finish primary and secondary education in Costa Rica. The Ministry of Public Education is offering different schedules and modalities.

Night schools will be also available for those people who couldn’t finish school or high school for some reason. Only teenagers older than 15 are allowed to apply to study in this modality.

adult education school

Vocational Schools are focused on the development of the communities through permanent education. They also provide technical careers and free courses.

Another option is to go to an adult school. They also serve as vocational schools offering high-school programs. In these educational institutes, people can develop communication skills.

Dropouts can also choose to study in an open education center. These instructional centers offer flexible schedules and continuous learning.

Multi-age classroom is another program that permits dropouts age 10-15 years to start and finish elementary school.

On the other side, National Virtual School is available for people seeking schedule flexibility. They offer semi-virtual modality for teen dropouts.

It’s never too late to go back to school for Costa Ricans.

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