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    On August 15th is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica – a special holiday for all Ticos

    A day honoring mothers exists in almost all countries throughout the world. However in Costa Rica the holiday plays an exceptional role and is highly celebrated all over the country.
    The day’s history can be traced back to the early Greeks who for the first time used to honor Rhea, the “Mother of Gods”. In the 17th century Christians began to celebrate Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The tradition was continued until today and as Costa Rica’s official religion is Catholicism, the 15th of August, coinciding with the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is nowadays official Mother’s day. Being considered as a national holiday, public offices such as banks and schools are closed and the majority of workers don’t have to work.

    Usually mothers, their role in their families but as well in society are celebrated in a traditional manner, children and husbands offering chocolates, flowers or other little gifts to their mum. Many families also like to go to a restaurant, or, releasing their mum of all her daily work in the household, cook for her themselves.

    Unlike North American tradition which ensures Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, Costa Rica celebrates Mother’s Day on the day that it falls on – this year on a Wednesday. Like in most other countries it is also common to compliment on your grand- or even great-grandmother on Mother’s day, they will appreciate it.

    So finally, although Mother’s Day may be celebrated at different dates and in different manners worldwide, one thing is certain: no mother should go unnoticed that day no matter what. Take the chance to acknowledge what your mother has done for you, and how much she contributes to your life!

    Sophie Best

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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