National and international artists will be part of this year’s expo: November 21-22, from 10am to 10pm both days at the Cariari Country Club.

Expo Tattoo Costa Rica will be a great show for body art lovers. This year 95 stands will be ready for the public including those from 200 tattoo artists, piercings, antique cars, music, fashion, art gallery, food, and a lot more.

During the two days of the event, there will be promotions for the public get tattooed or pierced right then and there. Clothing and jewelry will also be sold. Additionally, there will be a pin-up show, a photo booth and live djs to set the tone.

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The Contest

Interested in getting a tattoo in Costa Rica? Check out TCRN’s Top 7 Tattoo Parlors in the Central Valley. A contest will be held for talented artists in 10 categories: black and white realism, color realism, neo-traditional, American traditional, new school, oriental, maorí, puntillismo, freestyle and typography. Additional awards will go out to the best expo on Saturday, the best expo on Sunday and the best piercing.

The Expo producer Andy Morales Mora says:

“By and large [the awards] they stay within the Costa Rican artists, because the level of talent and art is very high in our country. National artists are international export quality.”

Morales hopes the Expo and awards will serve as an opportunity to recognize some of the outstanding talent here in Costa Rica.

Team Expo

This is an event organized by Morales and Freak Productions.

It’s artists come from all over the western world including 40 artists from Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and the U.S. just to name a few countries.

“Our stellar artist ‘Ganga,’ Joaquín Ganga Lopez from Spain, a hyper-realism color tattoo artist, he will lead a seminar for different tattoo artists so that they will have the opportunity to learn from him,” says Morales.


The first tattoo convention in Costa Rica was in September 2010. In this first edition, there were about 20 stands and around 2500 people attended the event.

Today that number has increased almost fivefold; Morales says the organizers expect 6,000 people arrive starting tomorrow.

This event’s mission is to promote tattoo culture in Costa Rica — both among the audience and among the artists.

Attending Expo Tattoo

Expo Tattoo is a public event for all ages, and children under 10-years-old enter for free. General admissions costs ₡5,000 presale and ₡6,000 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online; at Eureka Tattoo, Sailor’s Grave, Ariel Arias, Inframundo Psycho 13 or Arte Primitivo; or by calling 8797-3000.

Images via West Perez on Facebook.

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