Entertainment Producers ask to be gradually allowed to work again

For this sector, being inactive until 2021 would have a devastating outcome

Holding small and gradual events is one of the requests of more than 30 companies in the entertainment sector, dedicated to providing furniture, lighting, and sound services, among other resources.

The organization has had the support of some national assembly deputies to present their reactivation proposal to the government, but they affirm that it is a slow process and that they have received a “deaf ear”.

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Yesterday, to raise awareness about the more than 5000 jobs affected by the situation, eight points in the country were illuminated, including the National Stadium and the Children’s Museum.

The chamber claims that they are the only economic activity that has not been allowed to work, despite being prepared for the opening, practicing, and developing protocols since March.

“They closed us on March 6, we have not been able to open, we hoped to do so in September and now they tell us that it will not be until next year. That would be fatal, we have ‘wrestled’ to reach six months, another six is ​​insurmountable,” said Elías Arias, president of the Chamber of Entertainment, Events and Related Production Companies (Caproevent).

Our requests are to start servicing small events like weddings or business gatherings, not massive like concerts. “We have rehearsed the protocols, trained the staff, we are going to show that we are prepared at the health level,” he said.

Main Requests from the Sector:

Tax exemption from the payment of Income, VAT, trademark, corporate tax, from September 1, 2020, to September 2021, for all companies affiliated with Caproevent.

Exemption before the Municipalities of the patent, real estate, until December 1, 2022.

Exoneration of the charges of the CCSS, INS, Fodesaf, IMAS from October 1, 2020, until September 2021.

Return of the ROP, in a single tract for people who work for companies that are affiliated with Caproevent and are kept on the payroll at 50% of their working day or their employment contract suspended.

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