Costa Rica’s International Dental Clinic

World class dentistry at affordable prices

Most of us have experienced minor discomfort with our teeth sometime in our lives. Most of us were able to afford to pay for simple procedures to get the discomfort fixed, such as getting a filling, having a tooth pulled or getting your teeth cleaned.

But today, especially in the US and Canada, those are about the only examples of affordable Dentistry.

The cost of Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Fixed Prosthetics or Removable Prosthetics, and Oral Surgery are at best very expensive and in many cases astronomical and unaffordable for many Americans  — even those earning an above average income –. For some it means spending their life savings to replace missing teeth so they can smile again confidently and speak and eat in comfort.

Is there a better and more affordable opportunity? Absolutely, and it can mean saving more than 1/3 on your dental costs, receiving the best professional customer care and service possible, and actually have a great time doing it by including those savings in a well planned vacation.

Medical Tourism and more specifically Dental Tourism, is now recognized as an affordable alternative and Costa Rica is becoming the smart choice for many Americans and Canadians with much needed dental work they cannot afford in their own countries.

The Dr. Mario in Costa Rica make this very clear in the opening statement on their website; “We Are Your Best Option”.

Visiting their clinic, this statement becomes more evident any time of the day, or week, as it is almost “standing room only” in their comfortable waiting rooms, and most patients are from the US or Canada. This is testimony from those that have made an informed and very important decision to have their dental work done in Costa Rica by some of the best and most trusted Dentists in Costa Rica.

The Dr. Mario specializes in Dental Implants although they excel in all the other normal procedures. We encourage you to click here for some very detailed information on Dental Implants to assist you in making an informed and possible life changing decision.

Here are some points that may help you make that decision:

  1. Their quality procedures are done in days and work is done within your planned travel schedule. Many American dentists with a different agenda will tell you erroneously these procedures take months even up to a year!
  2. They have recently become the first Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to have an on-site Dental Recovery Center connected to the clinic’s premises. More information about the many services and benefits of staying at the Recovery Center are available on their website.
  3. The on-site exclusive Dental Lab not only assures prompt quality rehabilitations, it results in more efficient procedures meaning time and money saved for everyone.
  4. Free Airport pickup is available and when you arrive at the clinic you will be taken care of by a highly trained mostly bilingual staff including American trained Doctors.
  5. Costa Rica is a safe and peaceful country recognized world-wide for excellence in Dentistry, located closer to the USA and Europe than other very far away and not so safe locations.

Total Customer Care and Satisfaction

You can start by making your arrangements with their International Affairs Coordinator Mr. Charles.  He will assist you in every way, helping you plan your trip to Costa Rica, advising you on the best way to travel and your lodging. He will make sure you are taken care of from the moment you arrive until the moment you go back home, with the assurance your Dental Rehab will be as joyful as possible.

If you have time before or after your appointments, we encourage you to discover and experience the magnificent beauty of Costa Rica (number one country in the world for eco-tourism).  We can also help you there, with information of where to go and what to choose.

Contact us for more info on affordable dental care in Costa Rica.  – Click Here –

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