Do You Know the Power Behind an Emoji?

    Nearly 73% of people preferEmojis to be used in workplace environments

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    On July 17th, 2014, Jeremy Burge, founder of the Emojipedia website, decided to start celebrating World Emoji Day. This unofficial date has become a trend on social networks, to the point of having its own awards, the “Emoji Awards”. And it is that, over the years, emojis have generated popularity throughout the world, becoming a new language to communicate with the people around us, to achieve engagement with our target audience.

    As Marisol de la Fuente, Director of Marketing and Communication at Napse, indicates, “Emojis are not only used to replace words or add a fun touch to conversations, currently many companies, organizations and even government entities use them as part of their strategies on social networks to attract people’s attention and create a connection”.

    According to the Future of Creativity: Global Emoji Trend Report, an Adobe report on global emoji trends 2022, 73% of the 10,000 respondents use emojis in work environments and, a surprising 91%, consider that the use of these faces makes “conversations lighter”, even 60% consider that it positively impacts people’s mental health.

    On the other hand, Hubspot reported through a study that emojis can help businesses to be perceived as friendlier and messages sent to customers can be remembered more easily. Likewise, emojis in a tweet can increase participation by 25.4%, on Facebook they help 57% to get “likes” within a publication and 33% to generate comments and share information.

    Favorable marketing strategy

    Adding emojis to our marketing strategy can be favorable, however, it is important to know that, “in addition to identifying the tastes and preferences of your brand’s followers, you must consider the right moments to stand out among so many text posts and generate conversation. Emojis are a resource that we must take into account to use them whenever they help us reinforce what we want to convey”, adds de la Fuente.

    Finally, the report points out that close to 72% of those surveyed believe that the emoji has the power to positively impact empathy towards people. Most global users agree that emojis make it easy for them to express themselves and communicate across language barriers.

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