Do You Know How to Avoid Posture Related Problems from Computer Use?

    Follow these tips that we give you to avoid problems when working long hours in front of your PC

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    Did you know that when we spend a lot of time sitting on a PC chair our body consumes less energy? For a long time, perhaps too much, it has not been recognized that the kind of work that implies long hours sitting in front of a computer can cause pain and injury, but now we know, and it is scientifically proven that important traumatic disorders develop as a result of being seated long hours during work.

    Many use it in the office, others at home and some do not take a minute off the monitor, at any time. But of course the excessive use of the computer also has possible negative health effects, and if these are neglected, they can obscure all the virtues that the PC offers nowadays, from the efficient multiplication of personal and work communications to the wonders of digital entertainment. The calculation is simple if its use is carried out in a healthier mode, then, your energy expenditure is lower. In simpler words, bad postures constantly force the joints and vice versa.

    The consequences?

    Back pain, neck, and muscular contractions, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or vibration of the hands and arms, also discomfort in the shoulders and legs. The starting point of different ailments, which usually manifest themselves after some years of working under the wrong conditions, since they affect the region of the spine, especially with the use of non-ergonomic chairs, very low desks and PC monitors below the height of the eyes.

    Choosing a suitable seat can also help prevent trauma. Experts recommend using a chair that can adjust heights in swivel with five supported wheels. Special attention must be paid to the backrest, which should be high enough to cover the entire back. It is also beneficial to have a footrest. As for the disorders caused by a large number of hours spent without changing the position in front of the computer, it is advisable to periodically change posture, perform stretching exercises from time to time and also respiratory techniques.

    Image of a young woman having a back pain while sitting at the working desk

    The bad postures that people usually adopt have an impact on the sciatic nerve in the first instance, producing certain muscular tensions and pain that can be extended to the buttocks or displacement of the sacral–iliac joint that can end in waist pain. The dorsal vertebrates are also damaged according to specialists because the rhomboid muscles that are located between the spine and the shoulder blades contract producing stabbing pains that can be confused with lung or heart problems and also force the person to adopt a hunched posture.


    Therefore, the main factor is to take care of the body’s posture when you spend many hours per day in front of the computer, thus forming right angles in each joint. Before the pains begin to be felt, it is also advisable that the person stand up and do gentle exercises during regular breaks, such as turning the torso and rotating the neck, these movements stimulate blood circulation and relax the vertebrae. If you begin to feel and it becomes unbearable, get yourself checked at this spine and pain center Bowie MD.

    What is the correct way to sit in front of the computer?

    Place the worktable in a suitable position with the height allowing the forearms to rest on the table and the elbows next to the body and at a right angle. Seat regulation is extremely important to respect the right angles that the limbs should have. The forearms, wrists, and hands should be located in a straight angle. The mouse and keyboard must be located at the same height. The computer screen should be placed at a distance between 50 and 60 centimeters from our chest. We should not force our eyes when we read on the PC monitor.

    Regarding the height of the monitor, we must check that the upper edge of the monitor is at eye level. The neck should never be turned to see the monitor. Always keep looking straight ahead. On the computer chair, the thighs and back should be located at 90 degrees. The back should maintain its natural curvature and always supported by the back of the chair. Parallel feet, resting on the ground or a footrest. Head and neck straight and shoulders relaxed.

    Since bad postures lead to problems, sometimes we are not aware of how much harm causes spending hours in front of the computer. After all, our health must always be taken care of when sitting in front of the computer.

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