Different Types of Slot Machines at Online Casinos

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    When you first make your way to a casino establishment, you might find it somewhat overwhelming as there are hundreds if not thousands of games on your screen to choose from. For experienced players, this might not be as intimidating as they would already know about each of the different types of games available at the biggest online casinos.

    Slots Machine
    Slot Machine

    Some online casinos that cater to New Zealand provide up to 3,000 games, each of which is unique and offers a great range of opportunities. To make things easier, we have created this page to provide you with additional information regarding the different slot types at online casinos. Not only will this make it easier to find your way around the games page, but it will also inform you about games you might like or want to try out.

    Currently, there are many different types of slots at online casinos, which can be categorized under 3 sections, including classic slots, bonus slots and of course, progressive jackpot slots. To start with the basics, we’ll go through each of these categories and tell you what you can expect to find while playing these games and even a great place to find the best places to play.

    Classic Slots

    Classic slots refer to the older game styles that only had 3 reels and very limited bonus features. Just because these games are based on the older game styles, it doesn’t mean they are old and don’t offer the same level of brilliant graphics as we’ve seen with many other games. In fact, many online developers have taken the concept of a classic slot and turned it into the most incredible visual experience and even adds some bonus action.

    These slots are available with both 3 and 5 reels, giving you more options. In addition, you will still be able to use the lower betting values these games have become known for as they offer less than 10 pay lines Most players who want to win big regularly choose classic slots as they can increase the wager per line, meaning much higher payouts. It is also important to remember that classic slots are high volatility, meaning they might be a bit stingy with how often they reward, but when they do, it’s more than enough to blow you away!

    Bonus Slots

    Slots casino 1
    Slots Casino

    Bonus slots refer to modern variations that would include a large selection of bonus features, huge themes revolving around a tale and incredible visual effects that entertain with each spin, especially when bonuses form part of the action. These types of slots have become the most popular for both land-based casinos and online establishments. They offer a rewarding range of opportunities and entertain players, making each round worth so much more.

    The great thing about bonus slots is, of course, the features they include. There are different types of bonus slots out there as some would only offer features such as wild symbols and free spins while others make it possible to activate multiple free spin bonuses, lucrative interactive bonuses, various random enhancements and special symbols that can do anything from multiplying your winnings through to wilds that shift from one side to the next with each spin.

    Progressive Jackpot Slots

    Progressive jackpot slots are by far the most attractive to players who discover them for the first time. If you are someone who usually goes for the jackpot games in a land-based casino, you’ll find the range of online opportunities are so much bigger as there are many more progressive jackpot games and the winning values are simply incredible.

    Gambling online
    Gambling online

    These games are available from various online developers, who provide different themes and features to add additional excitement and bonus opportunities to the game. Of course, the primary focus is the progressive jackpot winnings, which do not just include a couple of hundred thousand, but actually range well into the millions and even over the $10 million part with the biggest developers in the world.

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