Deputies Propose to Declare the National Symphonic Orchestra as a Meritorious Institution for Music and Culture of Costa Rica

The Social-Christian deputy Shirley Díaz presented a bill on Friday to declare the National Symphonic Orchestra (OSN), as Meritorious Institution for Music and Culture of Costa Rica.

Law Project 22.319 was presented within the framework of the Costa Rican Musician Day, which is celebrated on November 22nd and, according to Díaz, it recognizes the trajectory that this group has had, its contribution to music, art, and culture for the country.

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“Making this declaration is a deserved recognition for the National Symphony Orchestra, which has existed for eight decades; and the contribution and positive impact for the country have been incalculable “, expressed the congresswoman.

OSN turned 80 years old

During the administration of Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia, the OSN was founded in 1940, its first concert was recorded on October 31st of the same year.

For Díaz, after its 80 years of existence, the Orchestra has played a fundamental role in the positioning of elevating Costa Rica in the musical and cultural arts.

“The Orchestra makes an enormous cultural contribution to the country through the dissemination of Costa Rican and universal music, as well as a cultural transmitter through concerts and educational tours to all communities,” added Díaz.

The bill has the support of 43 deputies from different fractions, so the deputy hopes that the initiative will soon be declared a Law of the Republic.

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