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    Dental implants have become a popular and successful option used by dental professionals for restoring missing, severely damaged or diseased teeth. They are usually made from titanium and resemble an actual tooth root.

    They are surgically placed in the upper or lower jawbone, replacing the missing tooth and providing a solid base for the permanent new tooth that will be placed on top of the implant. The result is very natural in appearance.

    Implants have three parts, first there is the anchor, which is surgically fixed into the bone; then is the post in which the tooth is attached to, and last is the artificial tooth. Some implants have already the post attached to the anchor.

    They require a considerable venture of time as an anchor has to be placed first before the replacement permanent tooth can actually be put in. The amount of time required after this first surgery and placing in the replacements is between six to eight months.

    This is to allow a process called osteointegration, in which the bone adheres to the implant without intervening connective tissue.

    Taking care of implants is extremely important, this includes regular dental hygiene such as regular brushing, flossing and dental visits. The care that a patient provides to the implants will determine the success of the procedure.

    Dental implants can also improve or restore chewing and/or speech problems that can be caused or be related directly to missing teeth.

    The result will also allow the patients to have a great looking smile, enjoy all the foods they want and have the confidence they need in their everyday life.

    Dental implants can be performed by general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists or prosthodontists.

    To find out if a person is a good candidate for performing the procedure, the dentists must perform a thorough evaluation which includes a complete dental and medical examination. A panoramic x-ray will determine the condition of the person’s mouth and if there is enough bone to place in the implant.

    In some cases, additional procedures may incur depending on the situation of the person´s mouth. These procedures may be extractions, bone grafts, sinus lift or mini lifts.

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