Creativity as a Source of Inspiration for the Advancement of Mankind

Individuals and societies advance at the speed of their creative will

Creativity represents the ability to give rise to something new, to things we have not yet perceived. Creativity forces us to use intelligence and find appropriate solutions in certain cases. It is a dynamic process, a living and changing force of the human being; that is, it is the engine of personal development and has been the basis of the progress of every culture.

The ideas of the minds of creative people appear spontaneously or after a period of concentration, during which they focus their mind on the desired, until they find the answer they expected, with the key that opens the door that until had remained closed.

We can say that creativity is the ability to create, to produce something new. It is existing capacity in all human beings, used to solve problems and that requires existing realities.

Creativity, a quality we all possess.

Many have come to believe that they lack creativity, that they can’t think of anything or that everything is already invented. They do not realize that the life of man has been and will be a constant creative work, from the Stone Age to the Cyber Age.

We are all creative; the difference between us is that we are in certain areas, moments and specific conditions. We can create relationships, business, health, friendships, books, songs, etc. Each person has one or more creative mental compartments available, usable for the best or the worst.

One of the ways we have to develop creativity is through so-called brainstorming, which allows us to start from nothing and by putting aside random thoughts; we generate “polarized ideas” that will lead us to have clarity in the objectives aimed at.

The development of creativity requires motivation, willingness, and confidence. As stated by the American pastor Norman Vincent Peale: “You can, if you think you can”. This indicates that creativity is the work or consequence of the conviction on believing that “I can do it”. If we ignore the voices that discourage us and learn to believe in our intelligence and the power of our mind to produce or find the answers, ideas will begin to appear in abundance. The more self-esteem, the more creativity.

Benefits of creativity development.

* Allows us to feel active and useful.

* Increases the generation level of new ideas.

* It helps us to adapt better to the changes that constantly occur around us.

* Allows us to feel free with the ability to overcome complex situations.

Elements that activate creativity.

• Inspiration: When people feel motivated by something special, which greatly excites them, the creative process can be triggered.

• Relaxation: When we are relaxed, carefree and without expectations, it usually happens that a great idea arises. We can stimulate that state by relaxing, with the help of breathing and meditation.

• Dedication: When the person voluntarily dedicates himself to finding a way out, an answer, an alternative.

• Survival: When we are in “borderline” situations with a risk of injury or death, highly creative “instinctive” survival programs are activated in us.

Creativity in the child.

Childhood is the ideal time for the development of creativity because the child is much more receptive to stimuli and has a great capacity for imagination that is not yet limited by the knowledge or rationality imposed by society.

The child is by nature a creative being; however that creativity will have few manifestations if it does not develop in a suitable climate, with favorable conditions for creation.

How do we promote creativity in children?

Education must be at the service of creativity much sooner than even knowledge, which is why strategies for its development must be applied in a medium where the child can learn to be more open, more flexible, more imaginative and thus be able to create innovative ideas, through:

1)Games: Playing with our children and / or students can help a lot in promoting creativity, promoting the use of imagination and not limiting it for what we believe is right.

2) Arts: Drawing and music are excellent activities for the development of sensitivity and consequently of creativity itself.

3) Freedom of Expression: Creativity manifests itself through communication, we must not criticize children’s ideas or their points of view, and on the contrary, we must encourage them to have their ideas about things even when they do not make sense.

Through creativity, we can make better decisions, innovate in our reality, find more answers to everyday problems and align dreams with achievements. It is important to develop and keep it always active. We are all able to create, just be motivated to bring it out.

SOURCEEdixon Colmenarez
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