Covid-19 can be Contracted Directly from the Air, claims 239 Scientists in an Open Letter to the World Health Organization

So far, the organization has insisted that the Virus only spreads through large drops of saliva falling on surfaces, when sneezing or coughing

The Novel Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through small particles of saliva that remain suspended in the air for a certain period, and not by large drops that fall directly to a surface when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This declaration was made by 239 scientific experts, from 32 countries, in a letter sent to the World Health Organization (WHO).

This report contradicts the most recent update made by the World Health Organization on June 29th. The reports state that the transmission by air of the Virus is possible via aerosols, with drops of less than 5 microns (unit of length equivalent to one-thousandth of a millimeter). The World Health Organization has insisted that the saliva particles carried by Covid-19 are larger than that, so the drops fall to the ground without the possibility of remaining in the air.

For his part, the Health Minister of Costa Rica, Daniel Salas, endorsed that position by ensuring that no concrete studies are demonstrating that the Virus is capable of staying on the air in open spaces, and explaining why it does not recommend disinfection on public roads, promoted by some municipalities, such as that of Tibás. The posture is refuted by scientists, who insist that the particles do remain floating in the air, something the WHO considers being inconclusive.

If the respiratory disease manages to stay in the air, then this Pandemic being experienced in 188 nations would add a new element to be considered, especially in closed spaces. This is because masks would become necessary inside and not just outside, despite the recommendations for social distancing, while all health workers would require N96 masks, which filter even the smallest particles.

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