Establishing Alliances with the Private Sector to Save Resources in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, suggests Union of Commercial Chambers

Seek public-private partnerships with companies capable of providing medical services at a reduced cost and establishing new medical contracts, are proposals made by the Union of Commercial Chambers (UCCAEP) to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) to generate savings during this Coronavirus crisis.

And it is that those suggestions are given because, approximately ₡ 640 billion would be the impact to the CCSS by the end of 2020, with the loss of income and growth of spending to address the Pandemic, by estimates of the same entity. The institution should aims to work with the private sector, despite the wrong perception that this might entail, according to Álvaro Sáenz, president of UCCAEP.

“The outsourcing of services is not privatization and we must move away from that ideological ghost. The social peace of our country rests on institutions such as the CCSS, hence the importance of seeking its strengthening through innovative schemes,” said Sáenz.

Among the areas where resources could be saved is in personnel, executing a single salary. Another aspect is to contemplate broadening the base of contributors, by allowing the worker to insure himself for the hours actually worked, to reform the regulations for the independent worker so that it is easier and more attractive for these professionals to enroll. And of course, investments in hospital construction, yes, is an expense that must be maintained, is added by the UCCAEP spokesperson.

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