Donations to support the National Food Bank during the Pandemic is Carried out by Private Companies

The country is still going through a critical situation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. But thanks to donations made by private companies, the National Food Bank will be able to provide support to 5,109 affected people who are at social-economic risk for lack of adequate nutrition.

Among these private donations is that of US $ 50,000.00 made through the Business Alliance for Development, by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, that seeks to provide food, cleaning and hygiene items to affected families, with the support of the Bank’s main anti-hunger program in the country: Food for Costa Rica.

“We are facing an unprecedented situation, in which jointly the efforts of the Government and society, find ways to mitigate the current public health crisis and its socio-economic implications. Recognizing the value of working together and confident that only in this way will we successfully overcome this difficult situation,” said the President of Grupo Novartis for Central America and the Caribbean, Pedro N. Alfonso.

Currently, the Bank serves 263 non-governmental organizations every month, equivalent to more than 41,000 directly benefited people. On this occasion and committed to society, Novartis and the Food Bank will be helping 5,109 people, who belong to 59 NGOs in the provinces of San José, Alajuela, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Heredia, and Limón.

“At the Food Bank, our mission is to provide food and necessities to people who are in exclusion and social risk in the face of the health emergency we are experiencing, reaching people we know are going through alarming economic situations and in these moments is when they need us most. We are deeply grateful that Novartis took us into account in this situation because thanks to them these people will receive food and cleaning supplies to cope with the Pandemic,” said Francia Linares, Executive Director of the Food Bank.

This support will be provided for three months and was started in June. Among the populations that will be relieved with this support are older adults, children, women, people recovering from alcoholism and drug dependence, as well as others with different diseases and health conditions.

“In these critical moments that we are experiencing, it is when our responsibility as an organization motivates us to continue fighting, to continue helping and work three times as hard to move the country forward. Overcoming the situation is a commitment from all of us and it cannot fade away” Linares added.

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