Costa Rica’s Coffee Exports Grow for the Seventh Consecutive Month

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    Costa Rican coffee sales to the international market increased in December for the seventh consecutive month helped by an improvement in the harvest, due to favorable weather conditions and crop renewal.

    The Central American country, recognized for the high quality of its Arabica beans, exported 41,756 60-kilo bags in December, 17.5% more than in the same month of 2019, according to figures released beginning this year by the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica (Icafe).

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    Costa Rica, which sends around 80% of its coffee production abroad, relaxed at the end of 2020 the sanitary regulations that it had established against the Coronavirus, to allow the entry of thousands of Panamanian and Nicaraguan migrants necessary for the collection of the fruit.

    Exports in the current coffee cycle, which runs from October to September, are 45% higher than those of the first three months of the previous period, with 88,606 bags of 60 kilos.

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