Costa Ricans may join the “Challenge: 21 Days of Meditation”

The activity seeks to give relief to people who have experienced high levels of stress

The international foundation “The Art of Living” organizes the “Challenge: 21 Days of Meditation“, which seeks to give relief and rest to people who have experienced high levels of stress in recent months.

From November 9 to November 29, people who wish to participate in the challenge will be able to connect through social networks with Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living, and in charge of guiding the meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation favors the relief of post-trauma stress, decreases the cortisol hormone in the blood, and lowers blood pressure, reducing agitation in the nervous system”, said Emma Zamora, instructor of the foundation.

According to Zamora, the foundation seeks to raise awareness for the importance of caring for the mental health of the population at this time, and of being united with one goal: the health of humanity.

The activity will be free, guided by trained instructors, and does not require previous experience of the participants. Those who wish to join can register for free on the page

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