Costa Rican Scientists Discover 15 Meter Molten Crack in the Turrialba Volcano Crater

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    The 3,200 meter-high Turrialba volcano continues to increase its temperature, amazing visitors and scientist with its eruptive force and stunning show of colors and activity.

    The first symptoms of its awakening included earthquakes accompanied by eruptions of steam and ash in 2010. Then came the cracks and toxic sulfur gases near the mountain between 2011 and 2014 and now, for the last two weeks, the volcano has shown some rarely seen red hot lava cracks, a further sign of inner fire.

    A team from Repretel News entered the Turrialba crater and the results were impressive.

    The crater widens rapidly; its size is getting bigger. This variety of greens and yellows is an accumulation of sulfur dioxide expelled by constant eruptions.

    And at nightfall the latest omen from the volcano appears: a glowing crack in one of the hidden walls of the crater, which was found by scientists a few weeks ago.

    The molten sliver measured between 12 and 15 meters long and is about 50 inches wide. The red color is from the temperature increase in component stones. On some days they have been able to record temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius.

    Turrialba’s behavior is similar to the Poas volcano in 2011. Therefore, experts are constantly monitoring the new incandescent wall.

    But the other side of the volcano, a weakness in the south wall of the volcano is noticeable from a distance and shaky ground has caused avalanches that fall on a farm, which has already been evicted. At any time more landslides could occur.

    There are only two families who live near the volcano in the community of La Central and they’re visited daily by park rangers.

    Livestock cannot safely live near the south of the crater, especially since scientists expect that the volcano’s activity will continue to increase.

    However, with the proper precautions being taken, volcanic activity should not cause fear, instead it should invoke a feeling of awe as we observe history in the making.

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