The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A recent forum says that protected areas may not be ensuring the best possible protection to the biodiversity found in Costa Rica. According to experts, the lack of resources and fragmentation of spaces are weakening forcefulness to protected areas and conservation strategies.

During a panel discussion called “Challenges of Protected Areas in Costa Rica”, several specialists at the National University (UNA) addressed the issue and gave important conclusions that could be taken into account in the future.

“They are seen as an investment. It means the wealth generated only by them is the fact that they exist and therefore no resources are assigned for their proper handling,” said Mariluz Moreno of the International Centre for Economic Policy (CINPE).

Experts recommend management holistically, making use of the support of legislature to improve policies concerning protection areas. According to a study by Ivan Sandoval, School of Biological Sciences, most of the territories in protected areas are threatened by isolation and habitat reduction.

“Protected areas of Costa Rica don’t have enough space so only certain species like raccoons, coatis and foxes benefit, but less common species such as tapirs, peccaries, deer, pumas and jaguars don’t receive the same benefits,” Sandoval said today on campus.

The idea is that the establishment of these spaces is accompanied by best management strategies and environmental education. Meanwhile, Eduardo Carrillo, of the International Institute for Conservation and Wildlife Management (ICOMVIS) considered essential knowledge and resource management, management of species and ecosystems and human resource training as essential areas to target.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

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