Costa Rican Journalist Giannina Segnini Leaves The Nation

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Nation journalist Giannina Segnini has left the newspaper. The director of the newspaper, Yanancy Noguera, confirmed the departure of the veteran journalist.

    According to Noguera, Segnini today submitted her letter of resignation, which will be effective from February 12.

    Giannina Segnini is head of the Research Unit of The Nation and won the Excellence Award of Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award in November last year, for her “outstanding contribution to the search for truth through investigative journalism”.

    Through an email, Segnini explained that “a series of editorial decisions, based on reasons that I consider alien to journalism prevent me from continuing to work for this company. For 20 years I appreciated and worked at The Nation, but they have been reducing and limiting for the past two years, and especially in the last few weeks. Out of the respect that I have for my fellow Research Unit, my fellow journalists and my years toiled at The Nation, I will not comment further on the circumstances of my departure.”

    The journalist has been working at the newspaper since 1994. She has received three National Journalism Awards from by the Association of Journalists of Costa Rica and international awards such as the Ortega and Gasset Prize, awarded by the daily El Pais in Spain.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

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