Costa Rican Investors shift focus to Biofuels

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    Biofuel investing has seen a sharp rise over the past year, but spiked just since President Obama took office. Obama’s push for green energy investment and growing demand for Green Fuels is seen as the major cause for the increase in investors shifting focus to Biofuels in Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica’s national fuel supplier gets serious about Biofuel

    Costa Rica’s National fuel company, Recope, is getting serious about the economic and climatic benefits of Biofuel. They are looking at a local seed bearing plant called Jatropha Curcas, or tempate by the locals.

    They are investigating this opportunity through Central and North America’s most advance Jatropha plantation, found right here in Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Seed Company.

    Costa Rica’s carbon neutral goals have been set for 2020, and the Costa Rican Banana industry recently announced its goal of 2012.

    Growing Biofuel is the only way these goals can happen. The plants not only produce cleaner burning fuel, and are renewable and sustainable, but the plants also have a very high carbon absorption rate.

    Jatropha has become the plant of choice in the Biofuel industry for several reasons. First, it is not a food crop, so has no impact on global food supplies. Second, it has extremely high oil content, 36-42%. Third, it is a very hardy plant and can be grown on marginal land. Fourth, it can go directly from the processing machine into diesel engines!

    The Costa Rica Seed Company

    The Costa Rica Seed Company has moved forward on several exciting initiatives for 2009, with the formulation of the United Biofuels of America Consortium (UBA), which has been implemented to secure significant plantation developments to ensure feedstock to Biofuel capacity for USA government contracts for conversion of Jatropha oil to jet fuel. This is a significant development that will require over 800,000 hectares of Jatropha plantation development over the next 5 years in Costa Rica and surrounding Central American countries.

    This represents over 1,000,000 gallons of Jatropha Crude Oil (JCO)per day production 2013. By year 7 they will be producing over 2,000,000 gallons per day.

    This program also represents over 40,000 plantation jobs for the region.

    UBA Investor Highlights

    Through The UBA Consortium, Investors have a cost effective, state of the art, innovative, jatropha oil farming/production business.

    UBA has created a system whereby investors are guaranteed to be stock suppliers. These are yielding assets, there is demand for what is yielded, and these assets deliver impressive ROI every year.

    UBA is offering investors a viable consortium structure of growers and processors, with a natural built in need for future agro sales for participants, and guaranteed oil and byproducts buying source.

    UBA’s Multi-purpose real estate option allows investors to see significant peripheral ROI.

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