Costa Rican Fishermen Sell Their Products Online

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    A couple of fish trading companies, located in Puntarenas and Guanacaste, have ventured into e-commerce and sell seafood online.

    To do this, the companies Cama-Pez and Cuatro Vientos use an innovative tool that will display their products and, at the same time, indicate the fishing technique used, characteristics, and prices. The objective is showing that shellfish are products of responsible fishing techniques.

    The initiative is part of an alliance between the MarViva Foundation and the Moody’s Foundation. This alliance seeks to promote better fishing practices for marine and social sustainability in the coastal areas of the country. “With this initiative we want to give fishermen the tools so that they can compete and adapt to new consumption needs. With just one click we can buy fish of the highest quality and it arrives at our door, knowing also that we are supporting coastal communities and promoting the sustainable consumption of marine resources”, highlighted Melissa Álvarez, communications manager of MarViva Foundation.

    Fishing activity with a ‘human face’

    After long days of fishing of up to 12 hours a day under the sun, this product was caught in an artisanal way and respecting all the parameters of legality and traceability to guarantee the permanence of the species.

    It also provides many job opportunities. In the case of Cama-Pez, in Puntarenas, it involves more than 100 families in the area, including fishermen, receivers, drivers and workers in the logistics area. Meanwhile, Cuatro Vientos, located in Nicoya, Guanacaste, employs 35 families who depend on the activity.

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