Costa Rica to Reduced Sulfur in Fuel 70%

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    Earlier this year the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE) fuels were found to have high content of components such as the MMT, a magnesium based chemical, benzene and lead, that have very detrimental effects on vehicle life as well as raising health concerns for the public.

    The College of Chemical Engineers and Related Professionals (CIQPA) conducted the study, which showed the problems are due to the high concentration of MMT that is added to gasoline to increase octane.

    Other concerns indicated were the levels of sulfur causing The Minister of Environment and Energy to call for cleaner fuels.

    Costa Rica will decrease by 70% the amount of sulfur in diesel and gasoline distributed in the country from January 1 next year, announced the Ministry of Environment.

    Currently, the fuels used in the Central American country with 50 parts per million of sulfur, but the new government’s willingness to oblige distributors provide products with just 15 parts per million.

    The Minister of Environment and Energy said that the decision “is great news for a country that has been calling for cleaner fuels.”

    Continuing, the Minister of Environment and Energy explained that the state-owned Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope) submitted a proposal to lower the sulfur content and approved standards make fuel from Costa Rica cleaner for Costa Rica meets standards of the most advanced countries of the European Union”.

    The minister noted that the impact of the measure will be a better vehicle performance, less pollution in cities and countless health benefits.
    Decreasing the amount of sulfur in fuel will be issued in the new Traffic Act, which came into effect a few weeks ago.

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    San Jose Costa Rica

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