Costa Rica targets European investmentThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Costa Rican government is trying to get more high-tech European companies investing in the country to create jobs and increase technology.

To take advantage of the Association Agreement with the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives aim to engage firms involved in clean technology, biotechnology and life sciences (medical industry ).

These are already developed sectors in the country, but the idea is to increase the list.

“We should aim especially to high-tech sectors in which the country has shown great potential,” said Minister of Comex, Anabel Gonzalez.

However, in their strategy to attract European investment, the government does not want to neglect to industries in advanced manufacturing, entertainment, animation, aviation or aerospace.

And in recent years, European investment has grown, while American investments have fallen. In the past 12 years the U.S. represented an average of 60% of total investment. However, when comparing annual data from 2008-2011 to 2012, it dropped to 44%.

European countries that have begun to position themselves include Spain, Germany, England, Italy and France, among others.

Through a network of signed trade agreements, Costa Rica is offering European investors skilled labor, key geographical location, political stability, and free trade zones with incentives.

However, industry representatives say that in the search for investment, the country is obliged to address outstanding issues.

The executive director of the Chamber of Food Industry, Mario Montero, insists on the need to not fall behind in infrastructure to ensure affordable energy supply, access to a variety of inputs and develop centers for the promotion of innovation with the help of Europeans.

“An important part of the attraction is the agriculture, but you have to create conditions for development. The question is whether we have the conditions to be attractive,” said Montero.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose Costa Rica


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