Costa Rica Suspends the Third Phase of Easing Measures Due to an Increase in COVID-19 Infections

Placing the health and well-being of Costa Ricans above all

The third phase of reopening for activities in Costa Rica was postponed until further notice. This is because in the country the number of COVID-19 infections has risen in recent days. The purpose of suspending this third phase is to keep the contagion curve under control. Costa Rica continues to be an example for the world, in which its government places the life and health of its citizens first.

In this third phase, both shops and religious services were to be allowed to open their doors with specific protocols designed for each one. The latter could only attend 75 people and meet the distance of 1.8 meters. Another measure that is being postponed is the reopening of the beaches, which were scheduled to reopen from 05:00 to 09:30 local time.

Measures and restrictions that remain in force
As for the measures and restrictions that are still in force today are The vehicle restriction, which is established as follows, daytime from Monday to Friday from 05:00 to 22:00, according to the terminal number of the plate. As for the night for everyone, with said exceptions, from 22:00 to 05:00 the next day. Saturdays and Sundays only vehicles can circulate to supermarkets, pharmacies, or neighborhood food stores.

Bars, clubs, casinos and gambling activities will continue to be closed. Similarly, mass gatherings, public shows, concerts and amusement parks or any activity where a large number of people accumulate are prohibited.

Similarly, it was announced that in the provinces where orange alert is active, they will continue with the specific restrictions of that area. All these measures are necessary to avoid a massive spread of the Pandemic.

Public institutions will continue with the same measures as teleworking and staggered hours. As for the borders, they remain closed until at least June 30th for now. There has not yet been a special statement to extend that date of measures that require greater citizen responsibility.

Tico health minister Daniel Sala called on the population to maintain sanitary and preventive measures, to follow the orders of the Government “We strongly ask the population for a total commitment to self-care and the care of the other.”

For his part, Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado stated: “The responsibility of each person is key to advance. The latest increases in cases have to do with very particular activities. The responsibility of each person, family or company is key to continue in the process gradual opening “.

In order to continue advancing in the flexibility of the measures, it is necessary that all citizens comply with the health standards established by the World Health Organization. So that the third phase of flexibilization can be launched later, which until today is still suspended. It is important to reflect and that together the government and citizens achieve full economic activation that will undoubtedly benefit everyone.

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