Costa Rica Seeks to Sell its Products to 220 Countries and Import From 30

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    Costa Rica Imports and Costa Rica Exports on the rise

    Costa Rica from today look close deals with 220 importers from 30 countries in the “Buyers Trade Mission (BTM)” or Buyers Mission 2012, the largest annual event to promote the Central American country’s exports.

    The general manager of the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer), Jorge Sequeira, told reporters that they have been having meetings with 300 exporters and foreign business men.

    To Sequeira, BTM is the most important trade promotion of Costa Rica, as local exporters have in one place with potential buyers from countries as diverse as China and Turkey.

    “The fair means great savings on travel, business and stay close contacts for future business,” said Procomer manager, organizer of the event.

    Sequeira said that Costa Rican entrepreneurs receive training prior to the show and this year’s offering includes traditional products such as coffee, bananas and pineapple, but many other goods and services “differentiated and innovative.”

    The focus of this issue, he added, is “the consumer of the future”, which in his opinion is more “demanding and responsible search for added value and environmental and social standards.”

    Some of the countries participating in the BTM are Spain, Poland, China, Chile, Peru and the United States, among others.

    The Costa Rican export supply includes sectors such as food, agricultural products, plants, flowers and foliage, metalworking and construction, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

    Also present aviation industry companies and automotive industries.

    In total, 2500 organizers have scheduled appointments, in addition to an exhibition where local businessman can showcase their products to buyers.


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