Costa Rica Plans to Reopen Borders for International Tourism this July 1st

Respecting all sanitary measures to avoid infections by COVID-19

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Costa Rica is known worldwide for its great tourist attractions and the warmth of its people. However, since the global crisis began with COVID-19, it has been forced to close its doors to foreign visitors. This as a preventive measure to combat the Pandemic.

However, despite everything that has happened in the world, tourism in Costa Rica is eager to reopen its doors to international visitors. And start welcoming tourists this July 1st. It is worth mentioning that this date could be modified or postponed, it all depends on how the Virus behaves these following days globally.

Costa Rica has maintained one of the lowest COVID-19 mortality rates in Latin America, and its government has been recognized for its successful management and containment of the Virus. Many hotels and lodgings in the Tico nation have adjusted and established health safety protocols, as well as employee training.

The Ministry of Health, with the support of Costa Rican Tourism Association, has designed a set of 15 protocols that will guarantee the safety of national and international tourists, once it is possible to travel again.

Tourists should record their daily activities

Minister Salas explained that tourists entering the country should have a record of the daily activities they carry out. He also pointed out: “We are working on a protocol that allows the controlled and gradual entry of tourists, and only inlocations that do not have amplified transmission of the Virus.

One of the measures that is being studied in conjunction with the National Insurance Institute (INS) is the obligatory purchase of a health policyby foreign tourist for entering Costa Rica. Likewise, the Ministry will continue with permanent surveillance and sanitary controls throughout the territory.

Salas assures that the health restrictions must continue in order to avoid increasing the risk and “not enter the exponential curve” where the number of people seriously affected by COVID-19 increases and the collapse of the health services could be generated.

Costa Rica a country with great tourist potential

Costa Rica is globally recognized for having sustainable tourism, here you will find multiple activities that will reunite you with nature and wildlife. Enjoying one of its 27 national parks, which many of them are protected as virgin territories.

Tourism in Costa Rica is designed for all the tastes, here you can enjoy from a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation or live a unique experience with lots of adrenaline with extreme sport. Whatever you want to experience in this country you will find. An important fact to know is that Costa Rica has 99.5% clean and renewable energy and plans to achieve complete decarbonization by 2050.

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