Costa Rica joins the initiative “Together for a Reinforced Multilateralism”

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    The President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, participated this week in the launch of the joint declaration “Together for a Reinforced Multilateralism”, led by Spain, within the framework of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

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    This launch had the participation of King Felipe VI of Spain and was chaired by the Prime Minister of that country, Pedro Sánchez, who appealed to the unity of world leaders to enhance international cooperation in the midst of the crisis due to the COVID Pandemic.

    The initiative calls for action to make the Declaration of the 75th anniversary a reality, adopted on September 21st by the UN member countries, which aims to strengthen the multilateral system to face the great global challenges and build a more peaceful world, fair, inclusive and sustainable.

    Collective Action
    In his presentation, President Alvarado stressed the importance of collective action to achieve effective solutions as well as the creation of sustainable development based on regional and international cooperation.

    “The review of the existing economic structures, the awareness of social disparities and their consequences and the mandatory vigilance on the destruction of our ecosystems and climate change, should redefine the new development paradigm, with a view to achieving a future better not leave anyone behind,” said the Costa Rican leader.

    During his speech, Alvarado highlighted the three major commitment that an effective multilateralism must fulfill: Maintenance of international peace and security. The President was emphatic in arguing that this is achieved by alleviating deficiencies, reducing gaps, creating opportunities and correcting injustices, and not through an absurd arms race.
    He added that we cannot have peace without justice. “International peace and security also require defending the integrity and independence of the International Criminal Court.”
    Women and girls in all their diversity
    Regarding this issue, Alvarado indicated that it is time to guarantee “their effective equality, leadership and full and meaningful participation in the construction of just, peaceful, inclusive, sustainable, green and decarbonized societies” and “recognize their transformative role and the importance of place them at the center of public policy”.

    Financing for development and international cooperation
    In this context, he recalled that 5 years ago, it was agreed to mobilize $ 100 billion annually starting this year to support climate action in developing countries and stressed that “the Pandemic forces extraordinary transfers of resources from the North to the South to meet the needs of millions of people”. Similarly, Alvarado stressed that global ambition must be raised to the level of urgency to avoid greater catastrophic effects at the environmental level.

    Alvarado closed his participation by stating that, “today more than ever we must strengthen multilateralism, which means teamwork, recognition of diversity, inclusion, cooperation, justice and brotherhood between peoples and that is what today, in this act and with this appeal, we are defending and reaffirming”.

    The initiative was promoted by the government of Spain and co-sponsored by Sweden. It has the adherence of Bangladesh, Canada, Korea, Costa Rica, Jordan, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia and New Zealand.

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