Costa Rica Highlighted as a Prime Location for International Arbitration

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    The strategic position of the country, being a neutral nation and its interest in resolving conflicts are some of the features that make Costa Rica a good destination for international arbitration.

    This was determined on the program Nuestra Voz by the honorary president of the Spanish Club of Arbitration, José María Alonso, who visited the country to mark the VI Congress of International Arbitration.

    According to the expert, being a center of arbitration is also a way to raise revenue for the country.

    The president of the Committee on International Arbitration for Costa Rica, Juan Manuel Chacon, also supported the idea.

    Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution for conflicts. This mechanism is used in most international and commercial contracts, where they must define which country the arbitration shall be held in if required.

    A criterion for Chacon for the country to achieve this goal, is that it needs to be sufficiently disseminated on the subject.

    For example he noted that there are currently no courses or degrees in Costa Rica universities on the subject.

    This has been one of the motivations to celebrate the Arbitration Congess in the country, which started on Sunday and ends on Tuesday. “We want to tell Costa Ricans this is necessary,” said Chacon.

    However Alonso highlighted in previous years judiciary officials have attended the Congress, which is proof that there is an interest in learning about arbitration.

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