Costa Rica Exports on Target as Costa Rica Expands its Global Reach

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    Costa Rica’s economy continues its growth in exportation, with first quarter reports of 2013, showing Costa Rica exported U.S. $ 3.019 billion in assets, equivalent to 3.5%, or $ 101 million more than in the first three months of 2012. This is according to the latest statistics released by the Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica (PROCOMER). Tthe growth of the last 12 months is 6%.

    Export Goods in processing industries had a strong growth of 10.3%, from U.S. $ 1.524 billion to U.S. $ 1.682 billion during the first three months of the year. For its part, the final arrangements fell 6.3% from U.S. $ 1.335 billion to U.S. $ 1.251 billion.

    “It is clear that the international economic situation is not the best. Even recently, the IMF revised its 2013 growth projections down, both in advanced economies and emerging. However, we must seize the opportunities in regions and countries where we have established a trading platform and where growth rates are more robust, as in the case of Asia, as well as countries such as Peru, Chile, Central America and Colombia “, said the Minister of Foreign Trade and President of the Board of PROCOMER, Anabel Gonzalez.

    The growth shown in this quarter compared to the same period of 2012, are due to the positive results in livestock and fisheries, and industry, with 3.7% and 8.1% respectively. The livestock and fisheries sector had sales of U.S. $ 77.1 million, while the Industrial U.S. $ 2.307 billion. The decline in agricultural exports is mainly due to the reduction in international coffee prices.

    PROCOMER General Manager, Jorge Sequeira, stressed the importance of using the trading platform established, the need for diversification of products and destinations, and that the country continues to increase its product offerings with added value.

    Exports of goods to the United States, our largest trading partner, grew by 6.7%, but so did, for example, shipments to China (23.8%), CARICOM (5.2%), and Canada (14.5%).

    PROCOMER continues to seek new opportunities to place more value-added products in international markets, participating in trade fairs and missions industries with products such as video games in the United States, aviation in Canada, Mexico automotive, food in Europe and specialized industries in Panama, among other efforts, ” said Sequeira.

    North America is the main destination of Costa Rican exports (with a share of 43.4%), the amount exported to this region increased from U.S. $ 1.240 billion to U.S. $ 1.309 billion (5.6%). The European Union was placed in the second with an increase of U.S. $ 563.2 million in the first quarter of 2012 to U.S. $ 583.4 million in 2013 (3.6%), followed by Asia, which grew from U.S. $ 392.2 million to U.S. $ 427.8 million (9.1%).

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