Coco Island Costa Rica
Ecuador and Costa Rica are finalizing an agreement on the boundary lines between the Ecuadorian sovereignty Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica’s Cocos Island.

The Presidency of Ecuador noted in a statement that Costa Rica approved the final text of the agreement, which will be submitted for ratification to the foreign ministers and then be signed by the heads of state of both countries.

In April of this year the Naval technicians of the two countries will take measures by GPS reference points marked in the Galapagos Archipelago.

In recent years, the Ecuadorian government has made an effort to seal its borders with neighboring countries because of disputes arising in Latin America regarding borderlines and water way rights.

In 2012 Ecuador and Colombia ratified their maritime border with signing a joint declaration that set the border line from the river mouth Mataje.

In addition, in 2011 Ecuador reached an agreement on maritime boundaries with Peru, which the Peruvian government formally accepted the Ecuadorian Nautical Chart.

Other Latin America maritime boundary issues in recent years; Colombia and Nicaragua, Nicaragua and Costa Rica as well as Peru and Chile, while Bolivia and insists on renegotiating a treaty with Chile for an outlet to the Pacific.

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