Contribute with the Well-Being of the Oceans by Reducing Single-Use Plastics

    The health of the oceans continues to be threatened by human-produced plastic waste

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    The oceans allow the transport of most of the world trade, they are an important source of food and employment. Costa Rica is home to 3.5% of the world’s marine biodiversity. Its marine territory is 11 times larger than the land part. Despite these figures, Alejandra Villalobos, executive director of the Fundación Amigos Isla del Coco (FAICO), assures that the country has enormous challenges in this matter.

    “The planet increasingly demands more conservation and comprehensive management, where government entities, non-governmental organizations, users of the sea, academia and civil society in general, are called to act together soon,” said Villalobos.

    Every year 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans

    It is estimated that 66% of the oceans have alterations due to the impact of the human being, proof of this is that annually 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans. In addition to this, the pandemic has caused the conservation of marine ecosystems to become a secondary issue.

    “The environmental impact caused by the materials that have been globalized against the contagion of Covid-19 is still unknown; however, it is expected that the majority of the plastic generated contributes to the pollution of the oceans”, assured Villalobos.

    To counteract the problem

    FAICO shared actions that can be taken to reverse the negative footprint on the seas and oceans:

    – Reduce the carbon footprint.

    – Be aware of where the seafood you consume comes from.

    – Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

    – Support organizations that promote issues in favor of the seas.

    – Be active in marine conservation issues

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