Construction and Housing Expo Features Costa Rica Real Estate as Low as $40,000

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The 2015 Construction and Housing Expo started today and features some 200 Costa Rica housing developments, with prices starting at ¢21 million ($39,126).

Those looking to buy should know about the condition of building permits, visit the site before signing, review details such as deadlines, interest rates and obligations of both parties, and if it is a condo, you should ask for the cost of monthly maintenance, among other things.

The Expo is at the Pedregal Events Center from Wednesday, February 18 to Sunday, February 22. From Wednesday to Friday admission is free and on Saturday and Sunday it will cost ¢2,000.

If you’re looking for a property in Costa Rica, make sure to follow TCRN’s upcoming Real Estate Guide series (just join our network to receive it by email), with step-by-step instructions for buying a home, or contact us directly!

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The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica

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