Companies in Costa Rica Will Pay ¢ 20 Thousand a Day to Unemployed People for Cleaning Beaches

The “Adopt a Volunteer” project is an initiative of the Costa Rican Surfing Association (ACOS) and the Shuggie Vida Foundation, whose objective is to generate work in the coastal areas and at the same time clean the beaches of our country.
The initiative consists of companies or individuals being able to pay a volunteer per day to clean the beaches of Costa Rica and give work to unemployed people who live in the coastal areas that have become unemployed due to COVID-19, in addition to keep the river deltas that are so affected during the rainy season free of solid waste.
For now, they continue to recruit and negotiate with private companies to participate in the project. “We arrive with each volunteer at the beach, seeking to provide work in coastal areas. We are going to go along the beach together with the volunteers hired from the same community where the beach is located. They will be paid ¢ 10 thousand for working in the morning and in the afternoon an additional ¢ 10 thousand”, said Karla Gallardo, vice president of ACOS.
In order not to generate transfers, people who live near the beaches will be the ones hired. However, in ACOS they assure that they will seek to rotate the different volunteers to give the opportunity to many people interested in the project.
At the moment, the project will start on the following beaches: Garabito, Jacó, Playa Hermosa, Guacalillo and Bajamar. Because the beaches remain closed, they will wait for the restriction to cease before starting the project. “We are looking for companies to adopt volunteers and they will include hydration, sunscreen, cleaning devices and plastic bags for collection,” said Gallardo.
“We know what many families in the coastal areas are going through, most of them live of tourism and currently have no income, at ACOS we continue to create alternatives to somehow revive the economy of these areas and what better way to do it helping families and the environment,” said Víctor Arce, president of ACOS.
If you want more information you can contact them through their social networks Facebook and Instagram as Grupo ACOS, the website acc.Cr or send a message to WhatsApp 6369-4397.

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