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Entrepreneurship becomes a challenge, with great possibilities of a successful outcome

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) continues to grow with increasing strength in its essence of solidarity towards all our communities. Aimed especially at entrepreneurs and those who, in one way or another, are part of “creating” and “innovating” even in times of this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our initiative “Yo Soy Costa Rica” (I Am Costa Rica), with the slogan “Together We Are Stronger”, we are willing not to leave you alone, giving you the best, most dynamic digital alternative, with an attentive journalistic team, inspired by each story we offer you.

Well-known consumer firms modify their image to reinforce the health message in an exercise of social responsibility and, also, of economic promotion. This is the time, don’t forget…
In the world, large commercial brands have set the example by launching campaigns, which have helped them to reflect an excellent image to the public and, at the same time demonstrating social responsibility by offering support for those social sectors hardest hit by the Pandemic. Here is some example:

With the arrival of the COVID-19, a campaign called #YoMeCorono was generated in Spain.
The #YoMeCorono program needed funds to develop, so it asked for the collaboration of citizens and companies. Thousands of people and many companies joined the call. Artists such as Pedro Almodóvar, David Bisbal and Jesús Vázquez joined the initiative, which raised approximately two million euros. The well-known company La Tostadora contributed its own line of T-shirts, € 5 each, allocating these funds to the Program.

Other initiatives…
Also logos of major consumer brands have been added to campaigns raising awareness among citizens (who are also consumers) that it is necessary to maintain an adequate social distancing. Firms like Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Audi put on their brand image to help combat the Pandemic.

Jordi de Miquel, CEO of The Colors Box, Barcelona’s advertising agency, explained that some of them, like Coca Cola, “have played many times with their spelling and although the norm says that a logo or anagram should not be touched never because it creates confusion for the consumer, this phase has already been passed a long time ago, they are super known so these changes can be allowed. They come to be just another exercise in creativity ”.

We The Costa Rica News (TCRN), remind you: Entrepreneur… The time has come to reinvent yourself, always united, with the confidence that here is a creative team, ready to help you come out of this crisis stronger than ever than ever.

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